Introducing our Photographer of the Month: Anthony Dyke

Anthony Dyke is a Mumbles-based photographer looking to capture atmospheric effects around our beautiful area. The ever-changing light around Swansea Bay and the Gower coastline has always been his main inspiration.

Setting out early, enduring bad weather, and patiently waiting for the ‘right moment’ are recurring themes of his work. Many of his images catch fleeting combinations of colour and form that may only last minutes, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary before they quickly disappear. His aim is always to show a familiar local landscape in unusual or dramatic mood viewed from his own perspective. He gained an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society with a set of prints around Gower on this subject.

Anthony strongly believes that landscape photography must also convey emotion. He has learned that simply waiting, often for hours, immerses the photographer in the environment, feeling and experiencing the photograph as well as just looking through the viewfinder. For this reason he always uses natural light, aiming to reproduce reality as closely as possible. He hopes at least some of the emotion he personally felt at the time comes across in the pictures.

Many of Anthony’s photographs can be viewed on his website and Facebook (TonyDykePhotographer). These also advertise any forthcoming exhibitions in Mumbles or beyond.