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Open and Accountable

Mumbles Community Council has hit back against claims that the Council is not open.

In a letter published in today’s Evening Post, Council Clerk, Steve Heydon writes:

Mumbles Community Council (along with all town/community councils) annually invites the public to look at not only their accounts but also their audit papers, their invoices, their petty cash, their bank statements and even their cheque stubs.

I can’t think of any other bodies that are as open as this.

The details of the accidental double claim that Mr Cooper refers to has therefore been in the public domain since our last audit in June 2012.

Reading of those files would show that Mr Cooper is mistaken in his assertion that the accidental double claim occurred in one financial year and led to “many hundreds of pounds” deficit in the petty cash.

The only effect on petty cash was to increase its level when the money was paid back on the discovery of the mistake.

He is also wrong to equate a vote against his proposals with a lack of willingness to be open and accountable.

The fact is that many councillors thought his proposals were overly-bureaucratic and would lead to an unnecessary delay in paying invoices.