The budget is an essential tool for controlling the council’s finances. It demonstrates that your council will have sufficient income to carry out its activities and policies. By checking spending against budget plans on a regular basis at council meetings, the council controls its finances during the year so that it can confidently make progress towards what it wants to achieve.

When deciding the budget, each committee puts forward it’s spending plans for the next year. These are then scrutinised by the full council.  Some of these plans may be put back to the following year, if it is felt that the resulting precept would be too high.

Below is our current budget, together with ones from previous years:

Internal audit is carried out by someone independent and competent who reviews the council’s systems of internal control and reports to the council.

The external audit is the process by which an auditor, currently appointed by the Welsh Audit Ofice, reviews the council’s annual return and other documents as required, and reports to the council and to electors.

The annual return presents for electors and local taxpayers the council’s accounting statements and governance arrangements in the year and the external auditor’s opinion on them.   These documents can be found below: