council news

Preparatory work for the family area at ripples green

MCC has been working on a five year plan to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, beaches and parks and this year and next should see the completion of the following work:

  • Repairing and renewing benches, picnic tables and chess tables all across the area
  • Completing the installation of the gym equipment on the promenade
  • Making Ripples Green a family area with benches, chess tables and afun gym
  • Improving the sunken paths in Mumbles Nature Reserve
  • Replacing the muddy and potholed path across Picket Mead
  • Improving the paths, facilities and play areas in Underhill and Yalton Parks and providing football nets at Highmead
  • Improving the access to the Castle Fields allotments
  • Replacing old noticeboards and information points
  • Trialling a scheme to work with local businesses to refresh their street- front facades
No single use plastic council news
MCC goes for plastic-free meetings! We are a seaside village and we want our oceans to be clean and safe for many generations to come. We will be starting a campaign to encour- age Mumbles to go plastic-free. To show the way, MCC no longer buys single use water bottles and council- lors bring their