Here is some information about the harm that can be done to both people and gulls by feeding them inappropriately. Please remember though – while some species of gull are prevalent, others are in decline and are more highly protected. It is illegal to harm any wild bird, damage their nests or destroy their eggs. We live by the sea so must expect there to be seagulls, but stopping feeding them will encourage them to remain in their natural habitat and have a natural diet which will make life more pleasant for both people and gulls.

1. RATS. Feeding gulls can lead to an increase in the number of rats. In 2017, Swansea was ranked the 6th most rat infested area in Britain (with 3,121 call-outs, 13.06 per 1,000 people) and pest control company (Pest Professionals) warns “…we see rat populations explode near to where people leave out a lot of bird food, especially if it’s on the ground”;

2. HEALTH. Gulls are "the new public health risk" (as reported by the BBC in 2004). The rise in the urban
gull population is increasing the risks of e-coli, salmonella and botulism. And gulls could soon be more of a pest in urban Britain than rats – a warning given at the first (2003) National Conference on the problems caused by urban gulls;

3. NUMBERS. Gulls can live for 40 years, can breed for 25 years and they and their offspring will return to the same nesting site. In South Wales, the urban gull population is increasing at a staggering 16% annually and is set to increase four-fold over the next decade. Peter Rock (an avian expert involved in international gull research since 1980 and the author of several scientific papers on the subject) warns that once a pair gains a foothold, problems will spiral. There is already a growing gull colony in Mayals – please don’t be mistaken to think that you won’t be affected if you are not already;

4. NOISE. Noise is by far the greatest nuisance factor cited by Peter Rock. He advises that gulls’ screeching typically begins at 4 o’clock in the morning and is impossible to sleep through. When regularly fed they also become tamed and will start to repeatedly call for food during the day too. Many Mayals residents experienced both last year;

5. MESS. Mess is the second most unpleasant nuisance cited by Peter Rock. In a 2011 Commons debate, it was recognised that gulls have the ability to expel significant quantities of runny faeces on the wing, which makes it difficult for residents to enjoy their gardens; and their washing, windows, cars and garden furniture is continually fouled;

6. DAMAGE. Damage to property is the third biggest problem cited by Peter Rock. He advises that gulls will destroy insulation, air conditioning, will pull up exposed roofing felt and will even pull away lead flashing. Other damage includes blockages to rain water gutters, down pipes and even gas flues;

7. PROPERTY PRICE. Gulls nesting near or on your property will undoubtedly affect the value and/or saleability of your home and the cost to gull-proof your property can be significant;

8. ATTACKS. To date there have already been two reported deaths in the UK. The Guardian reported in 2013 that “pensioners have been hospitalised, knocked to the ground, breaking bones. Small dogs have bled to death, children’s lips been sliced open, and an elderly man died of a heart attack following a particularly vicious assault in his back garden.” Urban gulls also attack and will feed on garden birds; so when gulls move in, small garden birds are driven out;

9. FINES. If someone refuses to stop feeding the gulls to the detriment of the quality of life of other residents, then Local Authorities have the power to issue a Community Protection Notice and fine a person if they breach that Notice – Conwy Council exercised this power in 2015; and

10. HARM TO GULLS. Both the RSPB and RSPCA warn that feeding gulls will not only lead to attacks but feeding them birds an un-natural, high calorific, low nutritional diet is detrimental to their health as it can lead to long-term health problems and incurable syndromes such as “Angel Wing”.

Peter Rock advises that the only way to control the number of gulls is to control their food source. So for the sake of the safety, health and well-being of our community, we must not encourage them by feeding them and please make your local Councillors or Ward Councillor aware of any cases.

Marketing and Events Planning Assistant

For further details and application process please email👈

Mumbles Community Council represents the four wards of Mayals, Newton, Oystermouth and West Cross. The council represents the people of Mumbles, supports local organisations, improves the street scene and the environment and provides enhanced services. One of the activities of the Council is to run a series of events, either by themselves or working with other local community organisations. They are looking to contract a suitable person to support the Community Council in the planning, organizing and bookings for these events.

The contract would for be up to a year starting in April 2019 and would require flexible working on a part-time basis with more work being required in the run up to major events and less work at other times of the year.

The events planned for the year are:
June – MumblesFest summer music event
September – Mumbles Food Festival and Oyster Fair
December to January – 4 Community parties plus young people’s disco
March – St David’s Day Event and Dragon Parade
Spring/Summer term – Schools Competition
Throughout the year – 4 Environmental activities/walks

This post would suit a new graduate or similar. MCC would expect the successful candidate to have a degree, ideally in Event Management and/or Marketing or to demonstrate a good understanding of Events marketing and management.
The contractor would be directed by the Chair of the Marketing, Media and Events (MME) committee and day to day supervision of the contractor would be from the Clerk to the council.

The contractor would primarily work at the council office in Walters Crescent, Mumbles but may also be asked to work from home and on site. They would also be expected to attend council meetings as required and to attend the events being held throughout the year. The contract would be for up to 360 hours across the year at £10 per hour.

Job Description
1. To plan, market and promote the programme of events throughout the year beginning April 2019.
2. To research into suitable venues, companies and individuals to provide all services for the events including getting the necessary quotations.
3. To prepare the necessary licences and permissions required by Swansea Council for submission by the RFO/Clerk.
4. To take responsibility for liaising with local businesses and other organisations to participate, exhibit or take stalls at the events.
5. To research into suitable musical and other acts as appropriate to perform at the events.
6. To ensure that all insurances and health and safety considerations had been addressed.
7. To work with other community organisations to assist with joint events.
8. To work with UWTSD students and staff on events where they are working with MCC.
9. To work with the Social Media Consultant contracted by the council to market and promote the events.
10. To attend meeting of the MME committee and full council as required. This would involve evening work.
11. To attend the events being held throughout the year. This would involve evening and weekend working.
12. To attend regular meetings with the Chair of MME and the Clerk to plan the work programme and report on progress.

Closing Date for Applications: Friday March 28th

🚨Scams Alert Live – 5th March 2019🚨

“We have once again had reports that Swansea residents are being contacted by phone from SCAMMERS making out to be from HMRC and informing them that they owe money. They will either ask for payment by card or instruct the person to go and purchase iTunes cards and email the codes to the scammers. The scammer will instruct the victim to lie to the store if they are questioned why they are purchasing large amounts of iTunes cards, sometimes to the amount of £1500 a time.

We have visited most of the large supermarkets who sell iTunes cards informing them of this scam and thankfully these visits have paid off with the stores stopping the sales and informing the purchaser of the scam.

I would be grateful if you would cascade this information via your organisations.

Should you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me,


Ray Foulston

Enforcement Officer Trading Standards
☎️ 01792 635600 | 07773645484

Application No. 2018/2634/FUL

The Mumbles Community Council Planning Committee met on 18 February 2019 and considered the application for 33 dwelling on land off Higher Lane.

The Committee voted unanimously to object to the application on the following grounds

1. Access and egress to the site is difficult and the development will generate significantly increased traffic with the road network will not be able to cope with.

2. The development has poor access to services and facilities, including schools which is likely to generate increased car use which will be harmful to the environment and not support sustainability.

3. The proposed development will be an over development and over intensification of the site. The development would be contrary to the National Policy that a ‘major development’ should not be permitted in an AONB.

4. The development will have a significant impact on the AONB and would not preserve or enhance the natural beauty of the AONB.

5. The need for affordable housing should not be permitted at the expense of the need to preserve the AONB.

6. The development will have a considerable impact on the enjoyment of the residents, wider community and tourists using the right of way through the site.

7. There would be a loss of the Best and Most Versatile land which should be protected unless an over-riding need to develop the land can be established.

8. Alternative sites are available for development so the need to develop this site is not proven.

Mumbles Community Council has set an exciting and ambitious budget while retaining the precept at a below inflation increase. This means that band D payers will pay just £55.29. We have shown that with careful management of the budget we can achieve real and lasting benefits for all members of our community and can now plan major projects with thoroughly researched and costed budgets, identifying where additional grant funding can make taxpayers money go further.

Chair Carrie Townsend Jones said “I am proud of the work that all councillors have put in to deliver on the plans we promised our electorate last year. We look forward to bringing to fruition the larger projects that work started on last year as well as exciting new initiatives planned for this year. We recognise that residents may be wondering why developments such as Underhill, Langland Tennis Courts and the Santander Bike Hub have still not reached completion but be assured, huge amounts of work have been going on behind the scenes and we are confident that the Bike Hub will be through planning and in place on the prom by Easter and work will start on two of the tennis courts soon after.”

Due to the development work at Underhill being still at planning stage, the Council has reassigned the underspend from this project to enable the hugely popular planned Skatepark to go ahead sooner than would otherwise have been possible. A total of £134,000 from this year’s budget has been reserved for the Skatepark project meaning that no new money is needed for it to go ahead.  This money will be used to draw down a similar amount through grant funding to complete the funding package. The Council has already appointed a contractor and is currently preparing to submit a pre-planning application so work can start in the coming months with a view to having it up and running for summer 2020.

The community council has now agreed a 25 year lease with Swansea Council for 3 of the Langland tennis courts and has allocated £87,500 to fully refurbish and upgrade two of the tennis courts to be ready for use by the summer.

An exciting new development for this year Is the Ostreme Centre. The Council is currently finalising terms of a long lease on the Ostreme Centre to secure the long-term future for this well-used and much loved Community Resource.

The Council has allocated £30,000 to the playground at Underhill Park for a wetpour surface to maximise the accessibility of the new play equipment that Friends of Mumbles Park have provided through successfully winning grant funding.

We have plans for a varied programme of events throughout the year including the Summer Knights Festival, a Food Festival and Oyster Fair in partnership with Mumbles Traders and Mumbles Development Trust. There will be a programme of Environmental Guided Walks and we will be finishing the year with a bang at a St David’s Day Festival and Dragon Parade in partnership with MDT and all the local schools.

While much has been, or will be, achieved this year to complete long overdue projects from previous years, including finally getting the path through Picket’s Mead resurfaced, planting out fantastic wildflower displays and installing the bottle filler in Oystermouth Square, there have been frustrations with the delays to some of our other projects. The safety measures at the junction of West Cross Lane and West Cross Avenue to provide safe crossing for children attending the three schools should have been completed this year but are now ready to go ahead next year.

The Community Plan is now complete and will be widely circulated and publicised over the next few months. The Community Council will then formulate a strategy to achieve the identified goals for the next 5 to 10 years. We are fully committed to consulting with and involving our local residents and businesses in both finalising these goals and prioritising activity.