Swansea Council have agreed to to lease three courts for 25 years and have sent lease to our solicitors.  Court 4 may become available later (currently awaiting Cabinet decision).  Chiltern Sports Contractors will refurbish the courts at a cost of £57,809 and our soon-to-be-appointed project manager to deal with them and  re-build of retaining wall.  

Preparations for Mumbles Fest 2020 are underway with the working group looking at the Event Management Plan and income generation for the 2020 event.   Due to other commitments for the proposed headline act,  Mrs Loud, Mumbles Fest 2020 will be held on 27 June 2020.


Lewis Hinds (Corporate Property_) has agreed “that you can have a lease or separate leases of the bowls green, former OAP pavilion and Bowls Pavilion but the leases will be subject to a landlords break clause if we choose to redevelop.”

Currently awaiting lease from Swansea Council’s legal department.

The rent has been negotiated and a figure of £15,000 has been agreed by both surveyors.

The Heads of terms of the lease have been produced and are currently with MCC’s solicitor.  Once agreed the Heads of Terms  will be brought to full council for consideration,

Timeline: Aim for completion in January 2020.

Full Planning has been applied for, which is likely to take 2-3 months, depending on what opposition is lodged.  Once the planning is granted, applications for various grants can be made.

Also awaiting permission to from Swansea Council (October Cabinet to discuss) to actually use their land.



Following Tuesday’s Council meeting MCC are re-considering our commitments to the project.

MCA are in the process of making fresh grant applications, which will be vetted by MCC if match funding is requested.

MCA will bring new project timeline to  the Joint Working Group which is due to be held on Friday 18 October 2019.

Last Updated: 6 October 2019

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Croquet is a game of skill and strategy that can be played by most age groups and physical abilities. We play golf croquet which is great fun and a very sociable activity.

We meet at the Mumbles bowls green every Sunday and Monday afternoon starting at 2 pm,  from May to September.

New players are welcome to join us and try a game with help from one of our experienced players. All equipment is supplied but please wear flat shoes.

For further details contact us via the web site address given above or telephone the secretary Richard Wood on 01792 412488 or via email: