Mumbles Community Council (MCC) is delighted to have received a certificate of appreciation from Rotary Club of Mumbles in recognition of its services to the community since the Coronavirus pandemic began. MCC was nominated by a number of local residents as one of a number of organisations that has received a certificate of appreciation from the Rotary Club. The certificate was presented last week in a ceremony that had to be private and socially distanced due to the ongoing measures to restrict the spread of the virus.

Cllr Rebecca Fogarty, Chair of MCC’s Covid-19 Operations Team, received the certificate on behalf of the Community Council. Thanking Mumbles Rotary for their recognition, she said:

“It’s a shame that, at this presentation, we can’t have everyone here who has played a part in the support Mumbles Community Council has been able to offer for the community. It has been very much a team effort and this certificate is for every single person who has been involved. It is fantastic to have everyone’s efforts recognised in this way. We hope to organise a series of events when restrictions have been lifted to properly celebrate the contribution of all the volunteers, councillors and MCC staff.”

Mumbles Community Council has also shown its appreciation for our volunteers and for key workers across the area. Banners and bunting are up in various locations, saying a big “thank you” to all volunteers and key workers.


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