Dear TAM Members,

Today marks the year anniversary of TAM and HdGTwinning signing our Twinning Charter at Swansea’s Guild Hall, officially initiating a bond between the two communities to be sustained through regular visits. And then COVID-19 happened. TAM’s planned visit to Havre de Grace in October was wisely cancelled. In lieu of that actual visit, HdGTwinning invites you to enjoy a Virtual Visit to Havre de Grace. This visit begins with a Zoom Call affirming our Charter on Sunday, October 4, and ends with a Zoom Call on Saturday, October 10, wrapping up the Virtual Visit and saying good-bye to friends.

Each day of the week, different videos and slide shows will be available on YouTube and Facebook to let you get to know our city: its people, homes, businesses, restaurants, theaters, museums, and our beautiful location on the Chesapeake Bay.

Our intended schedule:

Sunday: Zoom Call affirming the Charter. 5pm Mumbles Time, 12pm HdG Time

Monday: Those people who had planned to host TAM visitors will welcome you into their homes – virtually. Here’s a chance to get to see people you know and meet some new friends, including Reverend James Snodgrass of St. John’s Episcopal Church, twinned with All Saints.

Tuesday: You’ve seen a lot of pictures of our lighthouse. Today we’ll try to give you a more complete view of our city.

Wednesday: We’ll take a look at businesses and restaurants, what they have to offer and how they’ve coped with COVID-19

Thursday: Havre de Grace welcomes artists and galleries so we’ll introduce you to some of the artists who work here. You’ll also get to visit at our theaters.

Friday: Havre de Grace boasts five museums. Today we’ll give you a tour.

Saturday: Zoom Farewell. 5pm Mumbles Time, 12 pm HdG Time

Thankfully, the City is organizing the Zoom Calls and the daily video drops so those will be professionally done. Most, but not all, of the videos will be done by amateurs – which could be interesting!

We’ll be collecting the emails of those who’ll be participating in the Zoom Calls and invites will be sent out closer to the actual dates. These calls will be available for general viewing, too. Thanks to the City!

The videos and slide shows will also be on the City’s Facebook page and HdGTwinning’s Facebook page so that comments can be made!

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you in October!

TAM newsletter 12 Sept 2020


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