The Mumbles Oystermouth Orchard project is a newly established project with the aim to recover, re-establish and grow the orchard. We have recently received a grant from Social Farms & Gardens to purchase all new tools to help maintain the site, and Mumbles Community Council are purchasing twelve new fruit bushes to be planted. 

Over the years, there have been many volunteer, workshops, school visits and events held at the site. With COVID-19 restrictions, these activities haven't be able to commence this year so far. We are currently looking for volunteers to help make, maintain, hold events and protect the orchard for the future. In Autumn, after Christmas and Spring, we'll be planting, pruning, holding forestry and horticulture workshops - so keep an eye on this page for future event details! 

In the meantime, we're always looking for volunteers to help with general maintenance at the orchard, see here on how to join us! 


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