MMC passes a resolution to support Plastic Free Mumbles, an initiative led by Madison Bowden-Parry to reduce single use plastic items in Mumbles. The following letter was sent on the 3rd August 2020.

Dear Madison

Plastic Free Mumbles

I am pleased to confirm that at our meeting held on 14 July 2020 the following resolution was passed:



i. The council supports the journey confirming by agreeing the following notions

1. Mumbles Community Council will lead by example and remove single-use plastic items from its premises and operations

2. Mumbles Community Council will encourage plastic-free initiatives in the area, promoting the campaign and supporting events

ii. The representative of the council to sit on the Plastic Free Community Steering Group was passed back to the committee.

I will formally inform you of our representative once they are appointed.

Your sincerely

Steve Heydon

Clerk to the Council


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