At a special full council meeting held on the 30th June Mumbles Community Council agreed that the taking over of the lease of the Ostreme Centre should be adopted as a key strategic project as part of the wider Community Development Plan. This will ensure that the historic Ostreme centre will be preserved for the wider community and enable the Ostreme initiative to take its rightful place alongside MCC’s other flagship initiatives such as Underhill Park, The Skateboard Park and Langland Tennis Courts.

Mumbles Community Council will continue to work in close partnership with the Ostreme Community Association to build on the historical legacy they have created as key providers of cultural and social activities of the Mumbles Community. As part of these plans to further develop the Ostreme as a community hub MCC have already moved into the building to establish it as the civic centre of MCC and thereby raise the public profile of the Community Council. MCC will work in close partnership with the current management of the Ostreme to ensure that current provision can remain but also to explore how, through collaborative partnership working and along with public participation, we can explore developing and expanding current provision to ensure The Centre continues to serve the needs of the local community well into 21st Century and beyond.


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