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Scam Alert!

🚨Scams Alert Live – 5th March 2019🚨

“We have once again had reports that Swansea residents are being contacted by phone from SCAMMERS making out to be from HMRC and informing them that they owe money. They will either ask for payment by card or instruct the person to go and purchase iTunes cards and email the codes to the scammers. The scammer will instruct the victim to lie to the store if they are questioned why they are purchasing large amounts of iTunes cards, sometimes to the amount of £1500 a time.

We have visited most of the large supermarkets who sell iTunes cards informing them of this scam and thankfully these visits have paid off with the stores stopping the sales and informing the purchaser of the scam.

I would be grateful if you would cascade this information via your organisations.

Should you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me,


Ray Foulston

Enforcement Officer Trading Standards
☎️ 01792 635600 | 07773645484