Residential Development off Higher Lane – Objection

Application No. 2018/2634/FUL

The Mumbles Community Council Planning Committee met on 18 February 2019 and considered the application for 33 dwelling on land off Higher Lane.

The Committee voted unanimously to object to the application on the following grounds

1. Access and egress to the site is difficult and the development will generate significantly increased traffic with the road network will not be able to cope with.

2. The development has poor access to services and facilities, including schools which is likely to generate increased car use which will be harmful to the environment and not support sustainability.

3. The proposed development will be an over development and over intensification of the site. The development would be contrary to the National Policy that a ‘major development’ should not be permitted in an AONB.

4. The development will have a significant impact on the AONB and would not preserve or enhance the natural beauty of the AONB.

5. The need for affordable housing should not be permitted at the expense of the need to preserve the AONB.

6. The development will have a considerable impact on the enjoyment of the residents, wider community and tourists using the right of way through the site.

7. There would be a loss of the Best and Most Versatile land which should be protected unless an over-riding need to develop the land can be established.

8. Alternative sites are available for development so the need to develop this site is not proven.