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Publishing Council Minutes

We’ve had technical difficulties with our new website which has led to our minutes section not being as up-to-date or as complete as we would like it to be.

If you would like to see any ‘missing’ minutes, please contact the Clerk, who will email them to you, or post a hard copy to you if you require.


Our web supplier  has managed to overcome some of the technical issues, so we have been able to update part of our website, but we are still experiencing problems in other areas and hope to overcome them soon.

Mumbles Community Council were fully aware our minutes section was not as complete as we would like, and we have been chasing our website provider to rectify the problem.  You will appreciate that to insert all minutes will take some time to complete, but will be done as soon as possible.

**  Mumbles Community Council (MCC) cannot, and has never refused to publish minutes. MCC is a minor local government authority and, as such, is governed by National Legislation which requires the adherence to Statutory Rules, one of which is the production of minutes. Every monthly meeting is minuted as are all the regular committee meetings. Legislation states that all minutes must be open for public inspection. THIS COUNCIL HAS NOTHING TO HIDE. All documentation is available for public scrutiny via the Clerk.