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Notice is given in the Swansea LEADER, for the Mumbles Community Council area that Mayals Road, North side there will be a ‘Prohibition of waiting, no loading and unloading at any time. This is between points 142 metres west and 262 metres west of the western kerbline of Mumbles Road a distance of 120 metres. Notice is dated 6th January 2014.

In the Village of Newton at Nottage Road and Southward Lane, Newton.

Southward Lane

Schedule 2 “Limited waiting 10 minutes and Disabled badge holders 10 minutes no return within 30 minutes. East side from a point opposite the south east boundary of Nottage Rd to a point 12 metres south of that point.

Nottage Road

From a point 70 metres south of its junction with the south western kerb line of Southward Lane to a point 7 metres south west of that point. Notice dated 6th January 2014

All exisiting Traffic orders will be revoked where thay are inconsistant with these proposals.