Mumbles' Twin Towns Present New Books to Oystermouth Library

Visitors to Mumbles can now learn more about the places in Brittany, France and Maryland, USA that are twinned with Mumbles by taking a trip to Oystermouth Library.

Visitors to Mumbles can now learn more about the places in Brittany, France and Maryland, USA that are twinned with Mumbles by taking a trip to Oystermouth Library. On Wednesday 22nd September, Debby Stathes, chair of Havre de Grace Twinning, presented a set of historical novels set in the Maryland city, which is Mumbles’ newest ‘twin’. In addition, Professor Prys Morgan, Honorary President of the Twinning Association of Mumbles (TAM), presented two of their recent publications to Oystermouth Library: Yves Pezron of Hennebont: A Commemoration, a booklet in four languages published in 2020 with grant support from Mumbles Community Council, and the forthcoming booklet TAM 2015-2021: A Souvenir of Twinning in Mumbles. TAM also announced the publication of a third booklet currently in production, which is a joint project between the communities of Mumbles and Havre de Grace and which, when available, will also be donated to Oystermouth Library. The books are available for all to read, and it is hoped that the literature presented to the library will enable residents and visitors to learn more about the communities twinned with Mumbles

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The Twinning Association of Mumbles is a voluntary organisation committed to encouraging links of all kinds – cultural, educational, sporting etc – with Mumbles’ twin towns, Hennebont, a historic market town near the city of Lorient in Brittany, twinned with Mumbles since 2004, and Havre de Grace, a historic coastal town in Maryland, USA, with which Mumbles has been twinned since September 2019. The organisation has also designed an attractive display which is currently on show in Oystermouth Library, explaining, in words and images, what twinning is about and introducing Havre de Grace and Hennebont.

David Townsend Jones, Chair of the Twinning Association of Mumbles, said:

‘Twinning in Mumbles has made huge strides since 2015 as a social activity for our outward-looking community, cementing our village’s longstanding ties with Hennebont and establishing new ties with Havre de Grace. The friendship between our three communities is set to thrive in the coming years.’

Debby Stathes, Chair of Havre de Grace Twinning, said:

‘Twinning with Mumbles has provided the citizens of Havre de Grace opportunities to share the things they love about their city with the people of Mumbles and to recognize that these two places have so much in common. Commonalities continue to be discovered and connections made. Most importantly, twinning has fostered friendships among groups of people who would not have otherwise met. These friendships and collaborations are at the heart of twinning.’

Rebecca Fogarty, Vice Chair of Mumbles Community Council, said:

‘Twinning offers us all the opportunity to learn more about people in different parts of the world who may live far away and have different cultures, but with whom we share many similarities. I’m delighted that despite the pandemic, our friends in Havre de Grace, Maryland have found ways to welcome residents of Mumbles online through the ‘virtual visit’ which is still available on their Facebook page. These links go from strength to strength, and it is a pleasure to see Havre de Grace Twinning contributing literature about their town to our library for all to enjoy, adding to the literature donated in 2019 by the Médiathèque Eugène Guillevic, the Hennebont town library, with which Oystermouth Library is twinned. I would encourage everyone to visit Oystermouth Library to see the display and the new books.’

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The display and books are available to view at Oystermouth Library, Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm. All visitors to the library will need to wear a mask/face covering unless exempt.