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Hennebont Plaque

Mumbles has presented Hennebont, its twin town in Brittany, with a plaque to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 2004 signing of the twinning charter between the two communities.

Designed by Ammanford-based lettering artist Ieuan Rees and cut on Welsh slate, the plaque is dedicated to the Cistercian chronologist Yves Pezron, who was born and christened in Hennebont in 1640. In 1703 he published a book tracing the common origins of the Breton and Welsh peoples and demonstrating the links between their languages. The book marked a turning point in Welsh studies, helping to revive enthusiasm for the language and ancient history of Wales.

The plaque was jointly gifted by Mumbles Community Council, who paid for its creation, and the Twinning Association of Mumbles, who first suggested the idea and paid to transport it to Hennebont and covered the costs of a representative of MCC to attend the ceremony.

It was unveiled by Carrie Townsend Jones, chair of Mumbles Community Council, in a ceremony at Place de Mumbles in the main town square of Hennebont, where the plaque had been mounted on a granite block. The unveiling was shared with Hennebont’s mayor, André Hartereau, and two well-known historians, Professor Prys Morgan of Bishopston and Jacques Guilchet, who had jointly pointed out the absence of any public record of Yves Pezron’s origins in Hennebont.

In a further ceremony in Hennebont’s town hall, Carrie Townsend Jones said: ‘The relationship between our two communities has grown and become deeper during these past 15 years. This particularly matters on our side of the English Channel because it is an unescapable fact that Wales will always be a part of Europe.’

Hennebont Plaque