The Mumbles Tamar Lifeboat has had its trial run from the newly built station at the end of Mumbles Pier.

This is the fourth new Tamar boat to be stationed in Wales. The Tamar features the latest in technology to enhance its lifesaving capabilities and is two metres longer that the Tyne class it replaces and has a speed of 25 knots against 17 of the Tyne class. Many other features have also been improved.

The RNLI charity is receiving great support towards its fundraising appeal to help equip the new boathouse. More help is needed to to reach its £136,000 target.

It was announced in the Evening Post, by Reporter Richard Youle that the Swansea Council tax will increase, during 2014/15 by 5%.

This will raise £4million  by increasing Band D householders paying £1,079.98 (excluding the South Wales Police precept), up £51.42 from the current year. (see the full report in the Evening Post 5th Feb. 2014).



gumAt last a PINK GUM POT for recycling your used chewing gum has been installed in Mumbles.

The installation is attributed to Dragon Crafts of Mumbles. Well done I say, and so should all the locals and visitors.

All we need now is to educate people to use it, and perhaps we need more installed in Mumbles.

Photo to follow

The three weeks of road closure in Mumbles will have a massive impact on business at a Mumbles village restaurant, claims the owner of the Castellamare at Bracelet Bay, Swansea.

The Mumbles Road from the pier to the Big Apple will be closed whilst essential safety work is undertaken on the rock faces.

Specialist climbing teams will scale the cliffs to ensure that loose rocks will not be a danger to motoristts and or pedestrians.

There is of course another road access to Bracelet Bay!

The next PACT meeting , to be held a Mayals Primary School will express concerns about the speeding vehicles on Mayals and Fairwood Roads also on West Cross lane. If you have any concerns regarding safety or any other matter, please come along and make yourself heard.

The meeting starts at 7pm on Wednesday 15th January 2014

It is reported that work to rebuild the Langland Bay seawall has started!

The section of the seawall which collapsed in October 2012, caused by stormy weather and high tides is being rebuilt using limestone to match the existing stonework.

The work is expected to take between 2 – 3months in readness for the start of the tourist season in April this year.