Despite strenuous efforts by 3 councillors, and the assurance I received from WW, yesterday at 2.45pm, that the traffic lights on Oystermouth Square would be recalibrated to allow a better flow of traffic into West Cross , Mumbles and surrounding areas, this morning I received a phone call informing me that due to the ‘pelican crossing’ by Boots the Chemist, WELSH WATER were not going to adjust the ‘timings’ of the lights.
It was pointed out to WW that what with the ‘better’ weather conditions and also it being ‘half term’, the problem had been magnified, with tail backs as far as Sketty Lane.

WW did inform me that the inconvenience would only be until this coming Thursday.
Let us wait and see, and hope this is so.

Cllr. Helen Mitchell,

Chair of Mumbles Community Council

Notice – The City Council has made an order to temporary prohibit any vehicle proceeding along Glen Road from its junction with Castle Road in a north-westerly direction to its junction with Lundy Drive, a distance of approximately 720 metres in order that replacement work for the gas mains supply can be carried out.

Alternative routes are via West Cross Lane, Fairwood Road, A4067 Mumbles Road, Norton Road and Castle Road, adistance of approximately 2.5 kilometres

The work  wil be carried out effective from 8thFeb and is expected to be completed within 60 days.

The budget is an essential tool for controlling the council’s finances. It demonstrates that your council will have sufficient income to carry out its activities and policies. By checking spending against budget plans on a regular basis at council meetings, the council controls its finances during the year so that it can confidently make progress towards what it wants to achieve.

When deciding the budget, each committee puts forward it’s spending plans for the next year. These are then scrutinised by the full council.  Some of these plans may be put back to the following year, if it is felt that the resulting precept would be too high.

Below is our current budget, together with ones from previous years:

Swansea Leader advises that the wildflowers initiative has been positive so they will be bringing them back again this year.

Residents will have their chance to do the same on their own patches of land because packets of the Swansea Mix will be available at the Botanical Gardens from the end of March.

So don’t miss out on this offer.

The Swansea Leader, issue 101 for January 2016, lets us know that a Blue Plaque in honour of the two sisters who saved sailors from drowning off Mumbles in the 19th Century will be next in line.

Margaret and Jennie Ace, the daughters of Mumbles lighthouse keeper William Ace, saved members of the Mumbles lifeboat’s crew after it hit rocks below the lighthouse on a stormy February morning in 1883.

Ignoring their father’s warning, he two sisters waded into the water, rescued two men and helped others to safety.

They both received gold brooches from the Empress of Germany for looking after the crew of the German barque named the Prinz Aldabert, from Danzig which had also struck the rocks at Mumbles.

Swansea Council will unveil a blue plaque to honour the Ace sisters in February at a spot close to the Mumbles Peir that overlooks the sea.

City and Community Councillor, Linda Tyler Lloyd has responded to a letter in the Evening Post regarding the dangers of cyclists speeding along the promenade between Blackpill and Mumbles.

She has stated , for a long time, that the speed of the cyclists is dreadful and has tried to get the City Council to improve the signage to reduce the speed of those who cycle along this part of the prom.

(Comment by the Editor) Perhaps speed signs limiting the speed of cycles could be placed at strategic points along the cycle pathway, thereby saving accidents to pedestrians and animals using their part of the pathway.

A report by Nick Parry, Evening Post Reporter today tells us that a raid by Immigration officers brought about the arrest of two men at the premises of Chutney’s, Newton Road at 6pm on Friday.

Both men of Bangladeshi origin, one aged 25 years who had overstayed his visa and one aged 40 years was in this country illegally, they have been transferred to a detention centre pending removal from the country.

If you have any information about suspected immigration offenders in Wales you should contact 02920 924727. Further details are in todays Evening Post


Proposals to extend the clubhouse at the Mumbles Cricket Club are in hand, at an estimated cost of £100,000.

The support from Mumbles Community Council has been requested in the amount of £5000.

Further details are available from the Council on  or by phone 01792 363598 (Clerk, Steve Heydon)

A full report is also supplied by Evening Post Reporter, Richard Youle in the Post Jan 7th

The whole of Mumbles and elswhere in Swansea will miss the dynamics of Les and Penny Ryan with their musical leadership at All Saints Church.

It has been reported that they intend to retire after nearly 14 years as directors of music.

We all wish them well and thank them for their contribution to the wellbeing of the local residents and vistiors alike.

Happy retirement.