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A cleaner, pleasanter place for all of us

Litter and dog fouling are a problem all across our community. MCC aims to reach a point where our streets, parks and open spaces are always clean and safe because residents and visitors look after them. However, we rec- ognise that this takes time and needs someone to lead the way.

Therefore, as in previous years, we have allocated £17084 towards providing regular additional street and dog poo cleaning and bin emptying with further cleansing work carried out over weekends and evenings in peak periods. We also pay for additional cleaning at the toilets at Southend Gardens so that they can stay open over the winter for the families and visitors who use the playground and the prom.

You can all help us to reach a point where this expense will no longer be necessary:

  • Dispose of litter appropriately. If bins are full, take your rubbish home with you
  • Be a responsible dog owner, clean up after your dog and use the poo bins
  • Report rubbish left on the streets to the City Council