February 2018

Plastic Free Mumbles
MCC goes for plastic-free meetings!

We are a seaside village and we want our oceans to be clean and safe for many generations to come. We will be starting a campaign to encour- age Mumbles to go plastic-free. To show the way, MCC no longer buys single use water bottles and council- lors bring their own reusable drinks containers to meeting – we realise it’s a small step but we need to start somewhere!

We will be working with businesses and schools to encourage them to reduce their usage of plastic. We will be asking cafes, bars and restaurants to consider changing from plastic to paper straws.

Already we know of one local shop that has gone plastic free wherever possible, we hope others will follow the lead.

How you can help:

● Take your own bags and pack your shopping loose as much as possible

● Stop using single use plastic drinks bottles

● Try asking for a glass or jug of water rather than a plastic bottle

● Avoid buying cotton buds with plastic stems and cosmetics and cleansers containing microbeads

Please give us more ideas on how we can spread the message.

Bottle Filling Stations

We are installing a bottle refilling station in Oystermouth Square to discourage people from throwing away their plastic drinks bottles after a single use. We will be monitoring the usage and if it is well-used, which we are confident it will be, we will look to install more. We would welcome your ideas on where you think they should be located.