December 2016


Mumbles Author releases chilling tale where happily ever after is not all it seems…

After suffering several ill-fated relationships in the past, Kim has finally found a man she can trust — a man who is different to other guys. Ben is charming, funny, and successful, and Kim finds herself slowly falling in love with him.

However, things slowly start to change as mysterious deaths follow Ben wherever he goes. Is it just coincidence, or is Ben not quite the perfect boyfriend he seems to be, after all? You will find yourself locked into the pages and swept along by the plot of this action-packed thriller. This chilling tale will haunt you long after you turn the final page…

Matthew Gilbert was born in Southampton but grew up in Swansea, South Wales. Matthew was an avid reader from an early age; Enid Blyton, Richmal Crompton and Malorie Blackman were his favourite authors as a child. Growing up, Matthew’s influences were Stephen King and Dean Koontz. He also enjoys reading John Saul and James Patterson.

Matthew liked creative writing in school and enjoyed writing stories. After university (where he earned an undergraduate degree in French and Italian and a postgraduate degree in Early Childhood Studies), Matthew went travelling. Whilst in Australia, Matthew came up with the idea for his first novel, Ben. However, this project took a back seat when Matthew returned to Wales and started writing children’s books. Over time, Matthew found that he really wanted to finish his thriller novel, so he decided to stop writing children’s books and concentrate on Ben. He found it refreshing to write for a different audience, and especially enjoyed developing the characters. 

Aside from writing, Matthew enjoys playing football, travelling and running. He is still an avid reader. In 2013, Matthew married Laura, whom he had first met when he was nine years old. They had their first child, Ellie, in 2015 and live in West Cross.


1. i. Details of any employment or business carried on by you;
Name of Employer or Body. Description of your Employment Activity.

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” color=”Blue”]None[/message_box]

[message_box title=”MESSAGE TITLE” color=”blue”][column col=”1/2″]Name of Employer or Body[/column][column col=”1/2″]Description of your Employment Activity[/column]

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None –
2. ii. Details of any person who employs or has appointed you, any firm in which you are a partner or any company for which you are a remunerated director;
Name of Person or Body making payments.
3. iii. Details of any person, other than your authority, who has made a payment to you in respect of your election or any expenses incurred by you in carrying out your duties as a member;
Name of Person or Body making payments.
4. iv. Details of any corporate body which has a place of business or land in your Authority’s area, and in which you have a beneficial interest in a class of securities of that body that exceeds the nominal value of £25,000 or one hundredth (1/100) of the total issued share capital of that body;
Name of Corporate Body.
5. v. Details of any contract for goods, services or works made between your Authority and you or a firm in which you are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a body of the description specified in (iv) above;
Description of Contract.
6. vi. Details of any land (Give the address or other description sufficient to identify the location) in which you have a benificial interest* and which is in the area of your authority; See note 6
Address/Description of Property. Nature of Interest in Property.
Life Interest 58 Hendrefoilan Avenue, Sketty, Swansea –
7. vii. Details of any land (Give the address or other description sufficient to identify the location) where the landlord is your Authority and the tenant is a firm in which yu are a partner, a company of which you are a remunerated director, or a body of the description specified in (iv) above;
Address/Description of Land. Nature of Interest in Property
None –
8. viii. Details of any body to which you have been elected, appointed or nominated by your Authority;
Name of Body. Position.
LA Governor Oystermouth CPS –
ix. Any of the following in which you have membership or hold a position of general control or management:
9. ix(aa). public Authority or body exercising functions of a public nature;
Name of Body. Position.
Member By Election Mumbles Community Council –
10. ix(bb). company, registered society, charity, or body directed to charitable purposes;
Name of Body. Position.
Mumbles and South Gower Branch of the Royal British Legion –
Governor Royal National Lifeboat Inst –
11. ix(cc). body whose principal includes the influence of public opinion or policy;
Name of Body. Position.
Conservative Party of Wales –
12. ix(dd). trade union or professional association;
Name of Body. Position.
None –
13. ix(ee). private club, society or association operating within your Authority’s area,
Name of Body. Position.
Mumbles Conservative Club –
Mumbles Yacht Club –
Swansea and South Wales Company of Mariners –
14. x. Give the address or other description (sufficiant to identify the location) of any land in the Council’s area in which you have a license (whether alone or jointly with others) to occupy for 28 days or longer.
Address/Description of Property.
15. Any other item(s) you wish to declare.
16. Confirmation of ‘No Change’ to Register of Interests
Date of submission
17. Date of submission
ROI Submission Date

Over the last twelve months, Mumbles Community Council has hosted a number of social afternoons, some celebratory, such as HM the Queen’s 90th Birthday and others, afternoon tea parties with live music. The success of these social events has led to great competition for tickets. This now, unfortunately, has led to limiting the number of tickets that each individual can have. It seems we are a victim of our own success in identifying a very specific need within the community.

We aim to provide entertainment, tea, cakes, sing-a-longs and “gentle dancing.” We have quizzes, raffles, live music and much laughter along the way. It’s a great way to meet up with friends and have a chat over a cuppa and a cake.

Our Christmas Social Afternoon was a great success from the moment the choir of Oystermouth School stepped onto the stage and held the audience spell-bound with their delightful musical programme of Christmas songs, new and old. This was followed by traditional Christmas songs from the Starlight Groups where the audience was encouraged to join in. The rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, with enthusiastic audience participation, should have been videoed! Everyone entered into the fun and the outcome was hilarious.

Crackers were pulled, mince pies and stollen enjoyed with copious cups of tea. Lucky raffle ticket holders had the pick of a table laden with raffle prizes. The Starlight Group, in fine form, soon had the audience “dancing in the aisles” and some very nifty dance moves were evident as more and more took to the floor.

All too soon, the event was over, but judging by the smiling faces leaving the Hall, a good time had been enjoyed by all.

Neighbourhood Friends was ‘launched’ at Newton Village Hall on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

Ailsa Garner, comments:  “Our launch  was a great success and we were delighted to find more than enough volunteers to get our charity off the ground.

We will now concentrate on our objective which is to provide companionship for older people in Newton who are lonely.

If anyone would like to follow our progress you can do so on

Our Facebook page – Newton Neighbourhood Friends

Or our web site –

Or contract us via our email –