January 16, 2016


Swansea Leader advises that the wildflowers initiative has been positive so they will be bringing them back again this year.

Residents will have their chance to do the same on their own patches of land because packets of the Swansea Mix will be available at the Botanical Gardens from the end of March.

So don’t miss out on this offer.

The Swansea Leader, issue 101 for January 2016, lets us know that a Blue Plaque in honour of the two sisters who saved sailors from drowning off Mumbles in the 19th Century will be next in line.

Margaret and Jennie Ace, the daughters of Mumbles lighthouse keeper William Ace, saved members of the Mumbles lifeboat’s crew after it hit rocks below the lighthouse on a stormy February morning in 1883.

Ignoring their father’s warning, he two sisters waded into the water, rescued two men and helped others to safety.

They both received gold brooches from the Empress of Germany for looking after the crew of the German barque named the Prinz Aldabert, from Danzig which had also struck the rocks at Mumbles.

Swansea Council will unveil a blue plaque to honour the Ace sisters in February at a spot close to the Mumbles Peir that overlooks the sea.