June 2015


Well the demise of the “Bendy Bus” is almost here!

Was it of any help to the residents of Mumbles ? I wait to hear your comments in favour or against.

A promise made to me personally by Mr. Chris Holly, that he would make certain that the ‘Metro’ would arrive at Mumbles, even if it meant the bus going all the way to Bracelet Bay in order that it would have the necessary area for a suitable turning circle .Well as you know that never happened.

So its goodbye to another waste of Ratepayers hard earned income and savings.

How long before they bring back the Mumbles train?

(Note:- this is only the view of Cllr John Beach and not that of the Mumbles Community Council)

For more information read the Evening Post reports Weds. 24th  and Thurs. 25th  June 2015

The Mumbles Community Council Councillors have presented this award to three members of the community of Mumbles at a presentation evening held at the Langland Bay Golf Club.

The three recipients, who were being recognised for their contributions to the Mumbles area, they are:-

John Bollom, Chairman and Managing Director of Ameco, owners of Mumbles Pier.

Robin Bonham, vice-chairman of Mumbles Development Trust.

George Kyrillou, Castle News, Newton Road.

Certificates and a bottle of champagne was presented to the recipients by the Chairwoman of Mumbles Community Council, Mrs Helen Mitchell

(see the report and photo in the Evening Post 2nd June 2015)

What are you views about the proposed change of status from “AONB” to “National Landscapes of Wales” for GOWER?

This status has been with Gower since the original, in fact the first confirmed AREA OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY was awarded.

For a full report on this subject read the article by Evening Post Reporter, Richard Youle dated 28th May 2015.

The Mumbles Community Coumcil would also appreciate your views on this vital subject so they can take this matter forward.

You can also make comments directly by email to