October 2, 2014


At Langland Bay, Mumbles, dog owners and their pets were once again allowed to use the beach. 

See the report by Nino Williams, Evening Post reporter, dated 2nd October 2014.

There is a ban on dogs using some of the beaches of Gower during the summer period from the end of April until the 1 st October, with the exception of  guide dogs, offenders are liable to a fine of up to £500 within that period.

The Mumbles Community Council look to the dog owners to ensure that they clean-up after them and keep it safe and clean for children and other users of these fantastic facilities.

As reported by Nino Williams, Evening Post Reporter on the 29th Sept. 2014 that “Tourists will be frightened from returning to Bracelet Bay and Mumbles after being targeted by antisocial youths, residents have  warned”.

Councillors and police were told of the activities at a PACT meeting, when it was alleged that a Mumbles car park was increasingly being used at night by “boy racers”.

One resident told the meeting that visitors from Germany and Italy and other visitors were being targeted  by little yobs who can’t behave”.

If you know who these ‘yobs’ are please report them to the police.

A report in the Evening Post by Reporter Helen Keates on 27th Sept. 2014 tells us that a Bus company’s “refusal” to extend a route by 3 minutes is having a detrimental effect on elderly and disabled people”.

The Ward member for Mayals, Linda Tyler-Lloyd wants to see the number 37 bus visit Westport Ave. Anyone who knows Westport Ave can see that it is on a very steep hill and makes walking up or down the hill very difficult for the elderly and disabled.

Please read the report and let us know your views.

The Mumbles Community Council has arranged for the installation of and paid for ” keep fit” equipment along the Mumbles seafront near the West Cross Inn.

The Chair of the MCC’s  Development Committee said “Cost and accessibility are the two main barriers for people wanting to exercise. Outdoor gyms removes these barriers and that’s the reason the MCC decided to install some for residents and visitors to use”.

Why not give them a try and let us know what you think.