September 22, 2014



THE REPORT BY RCHARD YOULE, EVENING POST REPORTER, 16th Sept. 14 gives a full acount of the memories of the Tivoli since the 1930’s.

The Tivoli has a new tenant lined up, and excitment is already growing about the wider development project for that area of Mumbles seafront (details were reported previously).

It has been suggested that “Some reservations have been expressed elsewhere about a possible over-supply of shops”.

Let us have your comments.

A letter in the Evening Post, from B. I. Davies, West Cross , dated 18th Set. 14, quote ” We have had such a lovely summer, and my friends and I made the most of it.

We chose Caswell Bay as a favourite, but when it comes to health and safety, the toilets are a disgrace.

Are there no cleaners for the toilets? Swansea Council – pull your finger out, it’s a beautiful bay.

Last Wednesday (sic) 17th Sept 14 we were “gagging” at the mess on the floor, the toilets looked as though they hadn’t been cleaned all summer.

Needless to say we didn’t use them. Signed B. I . Davies, West Cross.

(Editors note. Let’s hope that the message gets through to the City Council and they take action.)

A report in the Evening Post, 19th Sept. tells us that a team of researchers say the the horse chestnut is under attack by the leaf miner bug.

It feeds by “mining” inside the leaves causing them to go brown in mid or late summer.

The report states that this leaf miner does not kill trees but there is serious bleeding canker disease that does.

Let’s hope that it does not spoil the environment and our childhood game of “conkers”.

Should we report this problem, if seen, to the Tree officer in the City and County of Swansea.

There is one on Newton Road near the Underhill Park which looks  like it has a lot of  brown

leaves, but is this just the Autumn period of leaves turning brown?