July 27, 2014


The report in the Evening Post, by Reporter Chris Peregrine on the 25th July requires reading!

The suggestion is that in order to save Swansea City from some of the deficit of £45 million, over the next three years the City wants the Bowls community to take its share of the cuts?

What does that mean? Well 43 bowls clubs operate in the Swansea area and the Bowls Association have been told that 10 greens would have to be closed saving £72,000.

This would mean the end on the Swansea Bowls League and the loss of a valuable sporting activity for all ages and gender, including the disabled.

If the Bowls clubs have to ‘self manage’ this would cost the members £7,200 to run a  bowls green and the City would still want to close 10 greens.

Let us have your thoughts after you read the article by Chris Peregrine, published on Friday 25th July.

The memorial at Clyne Chapel, commemorating the centenary of the First World War has been refurbished by the Blackpill History Society, thanks to a grant of £600 from the Mumbles Community Council.

The service will take place at Clyne Chapel on the 4th August 2014.

The Deputy Lord Mayor of Swansea, John Newbury is due to attend and the Gwalia Singers will perform after the 6 pm service.