February 26, 2014



Age Cymru wants to find people to speak to the media about their experiences of scams during Scams Awareness Month in May.

These could either be people who have been scammed or family members of people who have been scammed.

They may have been targeted by rogue builders; ripped off by a postal scam such as a fake lottery; or been tricked into handing over bank details by phone or online scammers.       

If you can help, please contact Iwan Rhys Roberts or Laura Nott on 029 2043 1562,,

Rest assured, we won’t put pressure on anyone, or ask or expect them to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.


 Iwan Rhys Roberts
External Relations Officer
Age Cymru
029 2043 1562


“NHS Patients’ Watchdog launch On-line Survey 

Urgent  appointments with the GP 


Patients’ across Wales are being given the opportunity to rate accessing their GP in a National Survey launched by the Community Health Council.


The Survey asks how easy it was to obtain an urgent appointment to booking yourself in for a routine appointment with your GP. It also asks Patients’ to indicate how long they waited to be seen once they had an appointment.


Community Health Councils (CHCs) across Wales have concerns about GP appointment systems and timely access for patients given that approximately 90% of contacts with the NHS happen in Primary Care.


The survey will run for two months and we are urging anyone who has to see their GP to complete the on line survey. 


The survey can be found by accessing: