December 5, 2013


The Evening Post Reporter, Nino Williams reported that money donated to the Save the Swansea Coastguard station has been handedover to the lifesavers of RNLI.

The efforts of the Save the Swansea Coastguard Station and the 100,000 people who signed a petition was in vain, the Government stuck to the plan to close this valuable Coastguard station, much to the dismay of local and country-wide residents.

Read the full report in the Evening Post dated 2nd December 2013

It has been reported that a  break-in was attempted in West Cross on Staurday night. Police were called out and three police cars attended. The reason for the 3 cars was because an elderly couple  lived in the house.

Please be on the looked for any suspicious characters in the area,  keep your doors locked, and report incidents to the police. Look after your local neighbours who are elderly or unable to look out for themselves.

Any gifts or presents should be kept out of sight and yor car doors must be kept locked