November 2013

A message from the 50+ Group

Dear Network member

Age Cymru is receiving a growing number of complaints about companies that are “cold calling” and attempting to persuade people to pay for things they either aren’t entitled to and won’t get, or could sort out themselves for free. This is often in relation to the ECO (Energy companies Obligation) and The Green Deal.


Warnings have appeared in the press too.

Here is a link to the company involved in the most recent SCAM: Company web site!water-rebates/c1yng



Nest, should be the first port of call for people looking to reduce their spending on energy in the home, whether entitled to free home improvements or just good advice

Tel: 0808 808 2244.  Regarding other financial matters, the Money Advice Service is the best place to start: 0300 500 5000.

Swansea Council invites residents who want to raise issues with them to do that in a range of different ways.

You can ask questions directly at Cabinet or at Council if they relate to items on the open part of the agenda. Residents can also bring petitions to the attention of the Council by submitting them to the Democratic Services Team.

To find out more go to or further details are on the Council’s website and click on ‘Council and Democracy’ or ‘Have your Say’

Also Mumbles Community Council may be able to assist you if you have a problem locally. Contact the Clerk at 0179363598 or email

This plan has recently been finished, according to the Swansea Leader 88 issue. after a country-wide consultation with residents on the latest stage in the creation of this important document.

According to the preferred strategy, Swansea will need land for more than 16,000 homes and will need to provide nearly 15,000 jobs in the city until 2025. (Editors comment :- don’t know what happens ofter that).

Phil Holmes, Head of Planning in Swansea, said, “We are going through all responses to the consultation and the next step, in simple terms, will be to decide what goes where.”— “Once the Preferred Strategy has been agreed we will have a clearer idea of which cadidate sites could be inclyded in the Deposit Plan.”

More details about the LDP are available on

Have you read Issue 88 November 2013 yet?

The front page suggests that you “Join the great debate on the future of city services”. Firstly, it advises that the Welsh Government has told the City Council that they can see a 3.1% reduction in funding which equates to more that £12 million for next year and that on top of that the Council will also have to account for inflation—– etc. etc.

The Council will also have to make savings of £45million between now and 2017, including £25million which is to be made during 2014/15.

It reports that Dean Taylor, Director of Corporate Services said “It’s great to have had so much feedback and the opportunity to listen to what people have to say”. He goes on referring to “This isn’t simply a money-saving exercise”.

If you wish to get invloved in this debate, go to or email

Their is also a booklet on the subject available at your local library etc. or phone 01792 636092 for a copy.

It is with sympathy we record the passing of Mrs. Pat Thomas, who for many years worked as the ‘Lollipop Lady’ at the Mayals Primary School, West Cross.

She was affectionately known to the Pupils and Staff as “Auntie Pat”.

In recognition of her devotion to her work at the school, the Mumbles Community Council awarded her the “Honour of Mumbles”.

A certificate was presented to her on the 13th October 2005 at the old Royal Brtish Legion Club, Newton Road, Mumbles.

Her furneral service will be held at 1.00 pm on Thrsday 14th November at Christchurch, Swansea